Kobo Arc, Starbucks ice black tea w/ a twist, leather jackets, LV Eva Clutch, MAC lipsticks, pasta lover, Gilbert + Anne, “Sons of Anarchy”, Disney mugs, Blue Jays, #TeamOverdressed, Audrey Hepburn, Godmother of 9, Kate Morton, blanket scarves, RM Adeline Tote, Chanel nail polish, pumpkin spice lattes, Henry + Clare, “One Tree Hill”, Kate Spade planners, tasteful tattoos, messy buns, caramel brule lattes, Chuck + Blair, “Grey’s Anatomy”, bubble baths, maxi dresses, blunt bangs, RM Mini MAB Tote, macarons, Nathan + Haley, “The Walking Dead”, Victoria’s Secret lotions, tutus, over-the-knee boots, red velvet cupcakes, Derek + Meredith, orange roses, reading socks, frappuccinos, Landon + Jamie, “Game of Thrones”, cookie butter, big families, Jodi Picoult, statement necklaces, Darcy + Elizabeth, “Survivor”, pina coladas, STAR WARS, Tiffany bracelets, Dre + Sid, Ferrero Rocher, “How to Get Away with Murder”, mango ice cream on a waffle, Q + Monica, “Amelie”, open-back tops, Jamie + Claire, ripped jeans, Liane Moriarty.

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